It all starts with a plan to create a beautiful space and the endless details that follow. Every decision you make and product you choose impacts your bottom line and reputation. From efficiency, quality, and availability—to look, feel, and finish—every detail matters.

We know this not just because we're a premium flooring and surface innovation company but also because we're a team of designers and industry professionals who understand what it takes to deliver on time and as promised.

That's why, when we couldn't find better flooring and delivery options, we created our own. And when we couldn't get the look, quality, and durability we wanted—when we wanted it—we created an entirely new design and distribution system.

Our Mozaik family of superior flooring and solutions is curated by specifiers in each market to satisfy localized trends, tastes, and demands. Each bespoke finish is designed to be breathtaking and built for unmatched durability and wear. Unlike other flooring and surface companies, our localized warehousing model allows us to ship orders faster than you ever thought possible for better than expected results—design through delivery.

Focused and flexible—beautiful and enduring, Mozaik is built to innovate from the ground up.